Beeston Castle – work-in-progress

Neolithic activity found on site
Bronze Age activity found on site
Iron Age activity found on site
Roman activity found on site
1086 site owned by Robert Fitz Hugh, Baron of Malpas, listed in Domesday book
Around 1220: Castle was started by Ranulph de Blundeville
1232: Ranulph dies, castle passes to his nephew, John the Scot
1237: John dies without heir, King Henry III takes castle
1254: Given to Prince Edward (later King Edward I).
1264: Garrisoned by Simon de Montfort during the Second Barons’ War (war 1264-1267, garrison reported 1264-1265)
1272-1307: Improvements made by Edward I during his reign
16th Century: castle recorded as “shattered and ruinous”
1602: Castle sold to Sir Hugh Beeston
Feb 1643: English Civil War, castle seized by Parliamentary forces
Dec 1643: castle captured by Royalist forces led by Captain Thomas Sandford
Nov 1644-Nov 1645: castle sieged. Royalists surrendered due to lack of food
1646: castle partially demolished on Cromwell’s order
18th century: site used as quarry, gatehouse demolished to make room for stone removal
1840: castle purchased by John Tollemache
19th century: outer gatehouse added, Site used for the Bunbury fair
1959: state took ownership
1984: castle passed to English Heritage

Beeston at
Beeston at
Beeston Castle at English Heritage: includes a detailed history section
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Beeston Castle on Pastscape
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National Heritage List for England
Listing for the inner castle
Listing for the walls of the outer bailey
Listing for the Lodge
Scheduling for the castle
National Monuments Record Excavation Index
Excavation record – on Heritage Gateway at the Archaeology Data Service
Excavation record – on Heritage Gateway at the Archaeology Data Service
Geophysical survey record – on Heritage Gateway at the Archaeology Data Service
Cheshire Historic Environment Record
Heritage Gateway’s entries are quite detailed. They link back to the Revealing Cheshire’s Past website, from where the information is taken. Revealing Cheshire’s Past is navigable enough as a guest, but you have more search options if you’re a registered user.
Iron Age activity
Bronze Age activity
Neolithic activity
The castle
Inner bailey
Outer bailey
Deer park
Lower green
Bronze Age axe found there (think this is the same as the Pastscape one, above)
Barbed and tanged arrowhead found there

Detailed reports about the archaeological work undertaken at the castle
Historic England’s research reports about the castle
Medieval Archaeology vol 23 (1979) has a note about the excavations at the castle on page 260
Pastscape also mentions vol 22 of Medieval Archaeology, but I spotted no references to Beeston, and Pastscape didn’t list a page number
Vols 4  and 5 of the Cheshire Archaeology Bulletin have reports about Beeston Castle: vol 4 page 21, vol 5 p14-18

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