Welcome to History Basics. My mission is to make it easy for you to find things out about our past: sites, documents, archaeological reports. The data, and how they form the basis for our conclusions. To the best of my knowledge, there is nowhere else out there that is trying to collate all this information together.

As I am at the beginning of this project, the site is a bit rough-and-ready, I’ve spent more time on content than on appearance, and much more in the way of raw information than nicely-formatted content, and of course there’s mountains of information still to be found, let alone entered. As an example of what I hope all finished entries will look like, please see the page for Bushmead Priory.

If you would like to help, then there are ways you can do so:
* Engage on the forum. Each page on the site will have its own discussion page, there will be a thread for suggestions, and so on.
* If you have taken photographs of any of the sites, I would be interested in featuring them (with credit, of course), once I’ve figured out the best method of integrating them.
* If you have any relevant magazines, particularly archaeological, I’d like notes on their contents.
* I’d like information about museums. Name, location, website. Ideally I’d like someone from that museum to keep us up-to-date about pricing and exhibits.
* If you’re any stripe of professional in this arena, whether you work with a company, society, university, and so on, on your own or whatever, whether you’re digging stuff up or engaged in experimental archaeology, I want to make it easier to connect people with what you’ve done. Get in touch!

The best way to contact me directly is via PM on the forum, or email mark@historybasics.com.